The Shot
It had been eighty-eight years since a World Series celebration in Chicago. Still working in advertising downtown for Ogilvy & Mather I took my lunch on some scaffolding three stories above the crowds as they began to fill in for the parade. By the time the ticker started falling the crowds swelled to over 700,000 below me as the team procession led by the horses turned down Lasalle street. It was an awesome sight but I'll never forget the sound when the crescendo rolled right through me as the team buses passed. I'm glad I was able to capture it on this truly historical day in Chicago.

This was the photo that catapulted me into photography. Mayor Daley called me upto his office the day he saw it to meet me. I was off to Tucson the next spring with the Sox and Coach Guillen when introduced to me in the dugout said," Yes, I know him he is the parade guy." I later went with Mayor Daley to The White House to help capture the key moments of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid and onto Copenhagen with all the delegates on a first class flight. While in the map room I showed President Obama a copy and he too was very excited and called the First Lady over and the three of us relived the moment again. This shot literally took me around the world and into the Baseball Hall of Fame and again was captured one day at lunch during my day job.
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